Hi there! I’m Susanne, a Swede in Ireland. I study graphic design, work on setting up a small business, learn to play the guitar and the concertina, enjoy life in West Cork, lift weights, and fiddle with cameras.

I’m a fan of old-fashioned blogging where you share your thoughts and your photos, for the love of sharing. This is my new blog that will be focused around daily/weekly/occasional reflections, along with recent photos from life or interesting places. I’m not a pro photographer, nor am I the most interesting person, but I love to share my thoughts and I enjoy the community this kind of blog can create.

As the blog title indicates, I shoot only with mirrorless cameras and for the moment I’m trying to make do with only prime lenses – a 15 mm Panasonic/Leica, a 25 mm Panasonic, an Olympus 60 mm, and occasionally a 12 mm Panasonic/Leica.

Feel free to follow along and please say hello in the comment form if you visit!

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