It’s autumn of sorts (we still have nice summer weather) and I’m back to my blog – but in a different shape.

My old personal blog had become something I didn’t enjoy anymore, I had nothing to say and couldn’t find anything at all to share anymore that would be interesting or enjoyable – even for myself to write it! I thought that maybe it was time to quit blogging altogether. I put the blog on maintenance and eventually deleted most of my old posts but kept some music posts, to keep my old blog as a music blog/website of sorts.

But I won’t quit blogging, I want to keep a place to share photos and simple reflections, to simplify how I blog, and make it enjoyable again. I also wanted it on a separate website with another name, one that would be easy-going but somewhat photography-related. That’s where we are now.

The summer has been intense, and as we go into autumn, I’m going to slow down, refocus, and through this blog I’ll take the time to take a photo or two to share my day. It’ll encourage me to make time for the camera, and get some thoughts together – without making it a big project.

So… photography. I’ve been in exhaustion mode with it recently. Being the competition secretary for my camera club has been interesting and it’s given me some good things especially during the worst of the pandemic, but it’s been a curse for my own photography, and I’m happy to now have taken another role in the club. This summer I’ve been very inactive with the camera except when we’ve been to certain events and when I was in Sweden. I needed a break from photography, to get my inspiration and creativity back, and sort of reset my attitude towards it. Now I’m coming back to it and hope to get out more now during the autumn.

So what’s mirrorless about anyway?

I realise that if you’re not into photography geekery, you may not know what mirrorless means, in the photography context.

In the typical system camera, also known as a DSLR (digital single lens reflex), when light enters the camera, the photographer sees the image in the optical viewfinder via a reflection from a mirror inside the camera body. To allow the mirror technology, those cameras need to be quite large and chubby. I used a DSLR when I started out, but then started hearing about mirrorless cameras that would be smaller and lighter, so I became interested and eventually bought one. I now shoot with an Olympus, that in my own opinion is perhaps a bit too large for a mirrorless camera, but it’s so brilliant that I don’t mind – and when I see it next to a Canon DSLR, I’m surprised by how tiny my Olympus is…

Canon to the left, Olympus to the right
Canon to the left, Olympus to the right

The thing with a smaller camera is that you can easily keep it in your handbag, which means you can carry it with you everywhere, which means you’ll take more photos. So, mirrorless is more! And of course, it’s also a fun play with words.

I’ll be back with photos within a reasonable future!



  • 9th September 2022

    Oh, Susanne. So, so glad to see you back here, to see you sharing what YOU want to share! That’s the whole idea. I love that you are bringing your true self to this site – I love the photography (of course) and the domain name. I just love that you are creating the life and the presence that YOU want. I hope that this endeavor feeds your soul – rather than starving it. Those who are drawn to your presence and your content will be here. <3 (And of course that includes me!) Please take care – stay safe – and I cannot wait to see where you take this!!!


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