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I’m very happy to say that I’m able to go for walks again! I went out on Thursday morning, went down the lane next to my neibour’s house, which is a quite steep hill, and a couple of 100 metres or maybe more, then up again. It worked quite well and didn’t cause pain, but I was very careful and walked very slowly especially up and down the hill. I probably walked like an 80-year-old, but it was a wonderful feeling to be out and about again.

Friday was gym day as usual, with a great session including some good leg exercises. Knee rehab starts now, and I got some good reassurance about the knee, and general pep talk. I left the gym feeling good and refreshed, physically as well as psychologically, and felt that I could stop worrying about the knee and just do what I can do without having pain. It’s a wonderful thing that I can still work on strength exercises for my knees and legs, just differently than before. I’m more grateful than ever for my PT.

I had a lovely, relaxed weekend. Saturday was a moody day with occasional, weird, heavy rain showers, but I decided to go out anyway. The only thing that could happen was that I got wet! It’s a very mild and nice October, and now when I can walk again, some rain isn’t going to stop me!

This year we have more autumn colours than I’ve seen in previous years since we moved here. Perhaps because it’s such a mild autumn. It’s nothing like what Maria has, but still…

Moody and gloomy… oh yeah

The Sunday walk was very different. The forecast had been heavy rain but it changed, and Sunday morning was absolutely fantastic, with nice haze, nice temperature and no wind. Before I injured my knee we had decided to take the car somewhere for a run every Sunday, and now we’re taking up that plan but for now it will be to go for a walk instead. This Sunday we went to Courtmacsherry to walk along the water over the bridge to Timoleague and back. It’s quite a distance but we parked the car outside of the village where there’s a good car park by the beach, and then it isn’t too far. And the area is beautiful!

It’s always pleasant trying to take a good photo of the old abbey in Timoleague.

I hope this week is treating you well!

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16 responses to “Weekend walks”

  1. Jennifer Jones avatar

    Your photos are beautiful. I love the country lane with it’s gorgeous autumn colours.

    1. Susanne avatar

      That lane is a lovely place to go for walks and so convenient as it’s so close. I was happy to see more colours this year!

  2. Joanne avatar

    What lovely walks! So glad you are able to get out and about again. We decided to brave the rain yesterday and head out for a short hour hike and I just loved the misty/ foggy weather we hiked in. It made for some great moody photos.

    1. Susanne avatar

      Moody days can be very nice for walking, and photography!! I’ll have the brave the rain some more shortly because we have a nice photo ompetition coming up, with a rain theme.

  3. Maria avatar

    It’s wonderful that you are able to go out for walks again! And I do think your landscape is magical in every way. Thank you for the pingback.

    1. Susanne avatar

      Thanks Maria, and I agree (of course!) with you about the landscape here!

  4. Deborah Cook avatar

    I love your weather pictures Susanne – so moody and great colours. Everything seems very dry here even though we’ve had lots of rain it’s not very green.

    And I’m glad you’re able to go for walks and that your rehab is going well.

    1. Susanne avatar

      Thanks Deb. We had a very dry end of the summer and beginning of autumn, now we’ve had some heavy rains but it’s still very mild. I’m sorry to hear it’s still dry where you are, not so good when the summer is coming there.

  5. Leanne | www.crestingthehill.com.au avatar

    Hi Susanne – I know exactly what it’s like to walk like an 80 year old! But I also know that it’s better than being stuck not walking at all. Building up your strength again is something else I can relate to atm. Glad it’s going well and thanks for your lovely photos – I always enjoy seeing them.

    1. Susanne avatar

      Oh the feeling of being able to walk again!! Walking like an 80-year-old doesn’t matter as long as we can walk! I’m so glad you’re out on the other side and I hope your recovery is going well.

  6. Debbie Harris avatar

    So happy you can walk again Susanne and your photos show some beautiful autumnal scenes. We’re also very green at the moment due to heaps of rain. We need some warm weather as it’s almost November and summer is on the way!

    1. Susanne avatar

      Hi Debbie, I hope the weather warms up soon where you are! Here it’s still very mild and I really enjoy not having to take out the winter gear just yet.

  7. Denyse Whelan avatar

    There is no doubt about it, no matter how things are going, there is always something beautiful to see and enjoy in your part of the world.

    Thanks for being part of the link up for Wednesday’s Words and Pics and sharing your post. It’s always great to see you join in. See you next week…and it’s November already! Denyse.

    1. Susanne avatar

      I’m very blessed to have the possibility to live in West Cork, Denyse! You’re right, there’s beauty everywhere here.

  8. Anne avatar

    Love this, as always, and the beauty that you shared with us. You are very fortunate having found your PT… I’m so glad that you have support and help as you ramp up your activity and work to strengthen your legs and knees. Here’s hoping you’re back to hiking more strenuous hikes and even running soon.

    1. Susanne avatar

      Yes I’m very very fortunate! I’m going to ramp up my training now to twice a week, after I’ve submitted my school assignments. My knees are doing very well now, me and my husband went today for an 7 km walk, it was a bit rough in the downhill areas and I needed to be careful there, but otherwise fine! I won’t think of running for a while though, I’ll spend the winter doing weightlifting and physio and then in the spring I’ll evaluate what form I’m in and I hope to be good to try again with running. I’m very happy though about the walk today and we’ll definitely do more of those.

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